RBM's history is deeply rooted in the traditions of Danish design. With a balance between warmth and functionality, the furniture offers a Scandinavian style that brings rooms to life. RBM furniture is designed with the user's comfort in mind.

In order to create environmentally friendly products, RBM follows five criteria for eco-design: low weight, few components, responsible material procurement, long lifespan and design for easy disassembly at the end of that lifespan.

In 2013, RBM Noor was launched. A broad and versatile range of colourful chairs that are easy to combine for any purpose. With these chairs, RBM really brings spaces to life. The RBM Noor family is the result of an innovative design collaboration between the following designers: Form Us With Love (Sweden), StokkeAustad (Norway), Susanne Grønlund / Grønlund Design (Denmark) and the Flokk design team.

RBM Noor was awarded the "Red Dot; Best of the Best Award " in the product design category in 2013. In addition, RBM Noor won the Award for Design Excellence from the Norwegian Design Council in 2014 and was also nominated for the special 'Honours Award for Design Excellence'.

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