With Muuto we take you to the North! Founded in 2007 by Peter Bonnen and Kristian Byrge, Danish company Muuto offers an extensive collection of lamps, chairs, tables, cabinets, sofas and home accessories. "Muuto" comes from the Finnish 'muutos' which stands for 'change' or 'new perspective'. Muuto chooses contemporary designers who strongly interpret the company's philosophy and combine their talents.

Delightfully Scandinavian

Muuto is relatively young but already indispensable in the design world. The brand is characterised by sustainable aesthetics, functionality, craftsmanship and honest expression. They always try to expand with future-oriented materials, techniques and bold creative thinking. The company strives to put the rich Scandinavian design history back on the map and add new, refreshing chapters to it. Muuto is firmly rooted in Scandinavian design, with works by the best designers from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Seating comfort at Muuto

Muuto offers a wide range of comfortable chairs. The FIBER collection is the most successful of these. Furthermore, the OSLO collection is a real winner. All chairs and sofas from our range are available in different colours and with various types of bases. Muuto's designs are fresh, lively and innovative without losing sight of the practical side. Muuto gives designers the freedom to create and integrate new designs.