ICF Office is an Italian furniture company that has been designing office furniture since the 1950s. From the beginning, they have been known for their passion and research to make their products the most innovative articles on the market. The head office is still located in Milan.

ICF's products are always of the highest quality. This is because ICF not only focuses on developing products, but also attaches great importance to providing a solution and conducting research. ICF often brings out exclusive collections, but always with designs that one recognises immediately. Choosing ICF chairs for your space is always a good choice.

ICF's product range has always been very innovative. They were the first in Italy to produce partition walls (Programma Interparete, 1965) or walls and panel systems for open spaces (Brick System, 1970, 1982/3). At ICF they believe that creativity can be achieved by constantly working on every detail and solving technical and production problems.

Today, ICF focuses mainly on office chairs. These are of good quality and with comfortable features.

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